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[ DVD ]
PPE, Decontamination, and Mass Triage – A Short Course is a DVD training tool that provides introductory level and refresher training in three critical competency areas for public health and healthcare providers responding to mass casualty incidences (MCI) involving hazardous agents. It contains both didactic and disaster exercise videos showing 1) proper use of medical Level C personal protective equipment, 2) mass casualty triage, and 3) setup/takedown of a field decontamination unit that might typically be used in the event of a chemical or radiological disaster. It is based on the National Disaster Life Support Foundation NDLS-Decon training, a two day training course offered by the NDLSF National Training Center at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. The DVD-ROM also provides other resource links for readiness assessments for health departments and their communities for chemical and radiological preparedness, as well as other training resources. NOTE: This DVD is not intended as a substitute for hands-on training, nor does it result in NDLS-D or any haz-mat certification.
Tarrant County Advanced Practice Center