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Prepare for an emergency by equipping first responders with the medication they need to safely respond to a biological incident or other public health disaster. Protect first responders while cutting down on response time.

The Bio-Pack toolkit demonstrates an effective model of medication prepositioning implemented in Montgomery County, MD.

Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center
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Avoid congestion, crowding, and confusion by quickly creating an accurate model that will provide assistance with planning for a public health vaccination or dispensing clinic.

This tool can be used either in the advance planning stages or for immediate support during an actual event. The computer model is designed to assist in planning a clinic with improved efficiency and performance while enlightening the planners on what to expect in the event of an outbreak.

Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center
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Discover the process for utilizing pharmacies as medication dispensing and vaccination sites during emergencies by building effective partnerships between local health departments and community pharmacists.

This toolkit contains four sections related to Developing Effective and Sustainable Medication Dispensing Strategies: Background, Planning, Activation & Operation, and Policy & Legal. A user guide and table top exercise are also available on the website.

Seattle & King County Advanced Practice Center
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This toolkit is intended to assist healthcare facilities in thinking through critical issues related to healthcare surge and to create comprehensive plans to address these needs including: providing medical surge capacity; patient tracking within the hospital and during patient forwarding activities; status reporting; requesting resources and establishing alternate care sites. The Hospital Surge Capacity Toolkit is designed to give you easy access to all the documents you will need to create your program.
Santa Clara County Advanced Practice Center
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Inclusive Just-in-Time Training (I-JITT) for Public Health Investigations is a comprehensive and systematic toolkit designed to support individuals leading and responding to a public health emergency. Its approach to training is aligned with best practice from the field of adult learning theory.

The toolkit consists of five components: Implementation Instructions for the Preparedness Planner, an Operational Briefing Checklist for the Epidemiology/Surveillance Group Supervisor, a Field Training Guide for Team Leaders (complete with Job Action Sheets), a “Go-Guide” job aide for surge responders to utilize during an incident, and a short evaluation form to evaluate the I-JITT approach.

Multnomah County Advanced Practice Center

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The IDER Toolkit is for local health department staff and others involved in planning and preparing for infectious disease emergencies. The toolkit integrates key elements of communicable disease control and prevention with emergency management principles, and provides a customizable, ready-to-go infectious disease emergency response plan via a variety of functional forms and templates.

San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center
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The Site Signage and Pocket Translator tools were developed for use in Point of Dispensing (POD) operations. They are intended to enhance understanding of POD stations/functional areas and related activities for individuals with limited English proficiency or disability.
Cambridge Advanced Practice Center, revised by the Multnomah County Advanced Practice Center

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This public health clinic operations toolkit, developed by the Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center, incorporates four training modules and comes with the following items: an instructors guide; appendices of resources and templates; and two videos. Operation Caroline demonstrates a mock dispensing and vaccination clinic and Operation Dagwood demonstrates a mock smallpox vaccination clinic.
Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center

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POD 1: The Mechanics of a POD; POD 2: Facilitating Clients Through a POD. This training is designed to develop knowledge and skills by drawing upon participant experience and expertise. This approach is well suited for an audience of local public health and MRC volunteers who are leaders either within their departments or in their communities.
Cambridge Advanced Practice Center
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This guide highlights findings from a panel of local health department directors and emergency responders. They discuss their experiences handling population surge and to identify guidelines other rural responders might use to improve their preparedness work.
Western New York Public Health Alliance Advanced Practice Center
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The Signs for Mass Decontamination provide essential instructions in a simple and easy to understand format to help victims safely navigate through the decontamination process. The use of pictograms and simple descriptions address communication barriers caused by languages differences, physical impairments or environmental factors such as noise or responder PPE. The CD contains 8 design files of pictograms with 13 translations and a User Guide.
Cambridge Advanced Practice Center