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Capability 9: Medical Materiel Management and Distribution
Medical materiel management and distribution is the ability to acquire, maintain, transport, distribute, and track medical materiel during an incident and to recover and account for unused medical materiel, as necessary, after an incident.
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Tabletop exercises are one of the strategies that the public health workforce can use to convene and engage their community partners. This resource provides state and local public health entities with information and guidance on the key ingredients to consider when developing and facilitating a bioterrorism tabletop exercise.

Dekalb County Board of Health Advanced Practice Center, revised by the San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center
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Discover the process for utilizing pharmacies as medication dispensing and vaccination sites during emergencies by building effective partnerships between local health departments and community pharmacists.

This toolkit contains four sections related to Developing Effective and Sustainable Medication Dispensing Strategies: Background, Planning, Activation & Operation, and Policy & Legal. A user guide and table top exercise are also available on the website.

Seattle & King County Advanced Practice Center
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This “Best Practices Resource Guide” will help public health agencies develop and implement special policies and procedures during an emergency. Please note that this tool is currently being revised and a new version will be released in 2012.

Dekalb County Board of Health Advanced Practice Center, revised by the Multnomah County Advanced Practice Center
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The IDER Toolkit is for local health department staff and others involved in planning and preparing for infectious disease emergencies. The toolkit integrates key elements of communicable disease control and prevention with emergency management principles, and provides a customizable, ready-to-go infectious disease emergency response plan via a variety of functional forms and templates.

San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center
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On The Safe Side: A Security Planning Toolkit for Public Health Emergencies was developed to assist local public health agencies, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies in planning for and responding to public health emergencies.

South Carolina Region 7 Advanced Practice Center
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This public health clinic operations toolkit, developed by the Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center, incorporates four training modules and comes with the following items: an instructors guide; appendices of resources and templates; and two videos. Operation Caroline demonstrates a mock dispensing and vaccination clinic and Operation Dagwood demonstrates a mock smallpox vaccination clinic.
Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center