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Capability 11: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
Non-pharmaceutical interventions are the ability to recommend to the applicable lead agency (if not public health) and implement, if applicable, strategies for disease, injury, and exposure control.
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[ HostedVideo, PDF ]

Help businesses, government agencies, and community-based organizations in your jurisdiction with pandemic flu planning efforts.

This 20-minute video profiles leaders from a variety of organizations as they prepare for the consequences of an influenza pandemic.

Seattle & King County Advanced Practice Center
[ Word ]

This “Best Practices Resource Guide” will help public health agencies develop and implement special policies and procedures during an emergency. Please note that this tool is currently being revised and a new version will be released in 2012.

Dekalb County Board of Health Advanced Practice Center, revised by the Multnomah County Advanced Practice Center
[ Website ]
This tool focuses on infection control measures clinics and office settings can take to prevent the spread of germs, including influenza. It was developed to engage the medical community in pandemic flu preparedness. It has been reviewed by infection control professionals as well as those who work in offices and medical clinics. It includes office and clinic information, patient education materials and an audio slide presentation on infection control measures. It is available in CD-ROM format and materials are customizable for your local health department.
Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center