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Capability 11: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
Non-pharmaceutical interventions are the ability to recommend to the applicable lead agency (if not public health) and implement, if applicable, strategies for disease, injury, and exposure control.
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The IDER Toolkit is for local health department staff and others involved in planning and preparing for infectious disease emergencies. The toolkit integrates key elements of communicable disease control and prevention with emergency management principles, and provides a customizable, ready-to-go infectious disease emergency response plan via a variety of functional forms and templates.

San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center

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In the absence of rapid and definitive diagnostic tests, vaccines, or cures, isolation and quarantine remain public health's best strategy against the spread of communicable diseases. These strategies were historically used for the large-scale epidemics of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries, but more recently as an individual strategy that is carried out in a quiet, small-scale manner, out of public view.

Recent events and concern about the deliberate release of biological agents such as plague and anthrax or the spread of emerging diseases such as pandemic influenza and SARS have changed the context of public health preparedness. Proactively planning for and managing the implementation of a large-scale isolation and quarantine has once again become part of public health's fundamental responsibility.

Seattle & King County Advanced Practice Center
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The Pandemic Readiness and Response Toolkit was developed to empower communities to initiate a proper, measured response before an actual outbreak strikes the community. The Pandemic Readiness and Response toolkit was successfully used during the 2009-2010 H1N1 Pandemic by the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department and regional partners. About The Toolkit: The Pandemic Readiness and Response toolkit provides: Sample Transitional Medical Model templates for the following jurisdictions - urban county, suburban county, rural county with a hospital, and rural county without a hospital. Also included are resources to develop tabletop and functional exercises that automatically create customized materials, specific to your jurisdiction. These resources will provide an agency with cost efficient, adaptable exercises they can use in preparing and exercising their Pandemic plan. This toolkit has been designed to support NACCHO’s Project Public Health Ready goals.
Toledo-Lucas County Advanced Practice Center
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This tool focuses on infection control measures clinics and office settings can take to prevent the spread of germs, including influenza. It was developed to engage the medical community in pandemic flu preparedness. It has been reviewed by infection control professionals as well as those who work in offices and medical clinics. It includes office and clinic information, patient education materials and an audio slide presentation on infection control measures. It is available in CD-ROM format and materials are customizable for your local health department.
Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center