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[ PDF, Podcast ]

This resource contains peer reviews of a variety of exercise and evaluation documents that have been prepared to assist public health emergency planners. Most are directed to public health practitioners, while some are written for first responders and others are designed for use in a hospital setting, highlighting the roles of partners in emergency preparedness. All may be adapted for use by local health departments.

Montgomery County Advanced Practice Center
[ HostedVideo, PDF ]
This exercise guide is a rich resource tool utilizing tools previously developed by the Tarrant County APC to provide guidance on performing a public health-focused radiological exercise. The document distills key information from a variety of authoritative sources, to be used as a process guide for local health departments to perform one of the most critical but often neglected aspects of public health readiness: the operations-based or test exercise for an incident involving radioactive agents such as a radioactive dispersion device or so-called “dirty bomb.” The guide contains numerous links to planning and training resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Energy websites. The CD also contains a 17 minute video overview of a major field functional exercise performed in November 2004 involving a simulated dirty bomb at a major NASCAR facility, the Texas Motor Speedway. This CD should be used as a didactic piece along with the DVD, “Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Public Health Exercise – A Dirty Bomb Disaster.” The CD covers additional operational considerations in performing a radiological exercise.
Tarrant County Advanced Practice Center

[ DVD ]
PPE, Decontamination, and Mass Triage – A Short Course is a DVD training tool that provides introductory level and refresher training in three critical competency areas for public health and healthcare providers responding to mass casualty incidences (MCI) involving hazardous agents. It contains both didactic and disaster exercise videos showing 1) proper use of medical Level C personal protective equipment, 2) mass casualty triage, and 3) setup/takedown of a field decontamination unit that might typically be used in the event of a chemical or radiological disaster. It is based on the National Disaster Life Support Foundation NDLS-Decon training, a two day training course offered by the NDLSF National Training Center at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. The DVD-ROM also provides other resource links for readiness assessments for health departments and their communities for chemical and radiological preparedness, as well as other training resources. NOTE: This DVD is not intended as a substitute for hands-on training, nor does it result in NDLS-D or any haz-mat certification.
Tarrant County Advanced Practice Center

[ CD ]
The Preparar Su Negocio Para Emergencias Naturales y Causadas por el Hombre tool is a Spanish translation of APC’s Preparing Your Business for Emergencies, Natural & Man-Made Disasters CD toolkit, developed in 2006. The original product was developed to guide business decision-makers through the planning process in preparing for emergencies and disasters. Completed in September 2010 and available at no cost to NACCHO members, the translated product reflects the need to address preparedness planning among small to mid-size businesses in the Latino community, a vulnerable population. This tool uses best practices identified to assist local Latino businesses in preparedness planning. It provides a guideline for the management of actions and operations required to respond to an emergency or disaster. The tool offers information on actions to be taken, key resources required, and procedures to be followed. The benefits of using this product for preparedness planning are to reduce the impact of disasters, prevent injury, and facilitate business continuity. Specific topics covered include developing an emergency plan, evacuation procedures, shelter-in-place training, recovery locations, communications, preparing for specific disasters, computer and data security, personal preparedness at home and work, decision-making in a disaster, and volunteer opportunities. All of these topics are translated into Spanish. Hispanic business owners can use the resources on this product “as is” or customize them for their unique needs. Users can complete a self-assessment before they start reviewing the various topics on the CD. This self-assessment allows them to determine areas that may require further information and review. Users can select relevant topics and even complete and print out forms and planning guides that may help better prepare their business for disasters and emergencies. The product requires no special training or computer equipment other than the availability of a CD drive or access to the Internet.
Tarrant County Advanced Practice Center

[ PowerPoint, PDF, HostedVideo ]
PsychoSocial/Behavioral Response to Radiological and Nuclear Disasters is an awareness-level orientation course that addresses mental health/behavioral health issues relevant to radiological/nuclear disasters. The training incorporates elements of established disaster mental health knowledge gleaned from actual radiological/nuclear events as well as practices described in leading academic and governmental publications. Completed in September 2010 and available at no cost to NACCHO members, the course provides curriculum for educators and trainers responsible for workforce development in behavioral health response competencies for radiological/nuclear disaster workers. The CD tool provides training materials that allow public health departments, healthcare, EMS personnel, other public safety responders and public health partners to effectively understand how to provide for early detection of, and the mitigation of the deleterious behavioral health and psychosocial effects of a nuclear or radiological disaster. The course also includes exercises that cover radiation exposure devices, radiological dispersion devices (dirty bomb) or improvised nuclear devices, and how to effectively interact with the public and healthcare community via the application of Psychological First Aid and effective Risk Communication. The CD is a train-the-trainer tool that consists of didactic instruction including PowerPoint slides as presentation aids as well as practice of concepts learned using vignettes/scenarios, group discussion, and decision-making with feedback. Handouts and references also provide detail that extends the scope of the presented materials. Trainer guidance is also provided as self-study material. Training addresses the four major intervention strategies for mental health/behavioral health management of a radiological/nuclear mass casualty incident: mental health triage, psychological first aid, risk communication, and building personal and community resilience. Local health departments can use the resources on the CD “as is” or customize them for their unique needs. The product requires no special training or computer equipment other than the availability of a CD drive with optional Internet connection.
Tarrant County Advanced Practice Center