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On The Safe Side: A Security Planning Toolkit for Public Health Emergencies [ HostedVideo, CD, Podcast ]
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Product Description

On The Safe Side: A Security Planning Toolkit for Public Health Emergencies was developed to assist local public health agencies, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies in planning for and responding to public health emergencies.

The toolkit consists of four components:

• Law Enforcement and Healthcare Workshop
• Point of Dispensing Site Security and Traffic Management
• Hospital Security
• Security-Based Tabletop Exercise

Each document in the toolkit is available in Microsoft Word; the sample presentation is available in Microsoft PowerPoint. Anyone without access to the Microsoft products can contact the SC DHEC Region 7's APC Center at (843) 953-0052 or by email at, and we will send you the toolkit in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This toolkit is designed to be adaptable to a community's needs, allowing for modification of the documents.

To run this product after downloading, click on the autorun application icon, choose extract all, open the file, and click on the new autorun application icon. This should automatically launch the program. It is very important that your screen be set to at least 1024 X 768 SVGA or the toolkit will not display properly. Please use registration code APCDWNLD on the registration form you submit.

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On the Safe Side  [74.9 Mb .zip]

Click Here to download the video.

"On the Safe Side" Toolkit. To open Toolkit, after download right click and "Extract All" from the zip file. Click "autorun.exe" and then "run." Program should open in a new window.

Product details

Author: South Carolina Region 7 Advanced Practice Center
Related Topics: Biosurveillance, Disease Detection, and Investigation
Suggested Audiences: Health officials, Law Enforcement (police/state/FBI, etc.), Military personnel, Nurses (general), Nurses (public health nurse), Physicians/Clinicians, Planners, Policy makers/analysts
Product PHEP Capabilities: Capability 8: Medical Countermeasure Dispensing, Capability 9: Medical Materiel Management and Distribution, Capability 10: Medical Surge

Goals and Objectives: