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Pandemic Readiness Toolkit, 23 Jan 2012
Reviewer: Drew Downing

The toolkit is a great tool that can be used by various entities. The exercises customizable and work for urban, suburban, and rural areas. It is relative and efficient way to maximize resources and reduce financial strain in the occurrence of a disaster.
Ease of use: Easy to use and well laid out.
Adaptability: The TMM is adaptable and made to be customized for your individual jurisdictional needs.
Usefulness: Very cost-effective, reliable way to ensure your community is better prepared for a potential pandemic.

APC Pan Flu Tool KIt, 12 Dec 2011
Reviewer: Mr. Bill Edwards

The Pan Flu Tool Kit is a great asset to use to create a tabletop exercise.
Ease of use: Easy to use for any organization including heatlh departments, hospitals, emergency management agencies and emergency medical services.
Adaptability: Adaptable to use for organizations large, medium and small.
Usefulness: Product is extremely helpful and easy to use, a big thumbs up!

Tabletop Review, 08 Dec 2011

The toolkit is easy to use at all levels and can be customized to meet your Agency's needs. This toolkit is a a great reference when including other agencies in your emergency preparedness drill.
Ease of use: Toolkit saves time when preparing for the drill.
Adaptability: Easy to change the information to meet your needs.
Usefulness: Great! Helps to eliminate the possibility of forgetting important information for your drill.

Great toolkit, 06 Dec 2011
Reviewer: Ms. Gloria Arps

Pandemic Readiness and Response Toolkit is a great training tool and resouce for Pandemic reaidness and response.
Ease of use: Easy to use for all levels in creating an exercise.
Usefulness: Use to enhance current Pandemic Plan for LHD.

Very useful, 24 Oct 2011
Reviewer: Mrs. Dee A. Jackson

I found this to be very comprehensive and a useful tool when looking for something specific. Easy to use also.
Ease of use:

Highly effective, 21 Oct 2011
Reviewer: Mr. Thomas Joseph Schlosser

This toolkit allows for a wide range of customization and really helps include a lot of details that might otherwise be overlooked.
Ease of use:

Great Product, 26 Sep 2011
Reviewer: Mr. John Dwyer

The Pandemic Readiness and Response Toolkit is an effective tool to enhance overall community planning not just in regards to pandemic planning. We were able to utilize the table-top and functional exercise capabilities to meet multiple jurisdictional requirements. The links for further training greatly assisted our exercise evaluators and facilitators with execution of the exercises. It is very user-friendly and can enhance any community’s preparedness no matter what the level of preparedness is.
Ease of use: The tool can save time building and designing exercises.
Adaptability: Very adaptable to any preparedness level.
Usefulness: We gained a better pandemic plan even though we thought ours was pretty good and tested during H1N1. This tool highlighted areas that we didn't think about.

Great Product, 21 Sep 2011
Reviewer: Mrs. Bethany Brown

This took kit is very easy to use and can be customized to your jurisdiction. It can be very helpful when trying to collaborate with other agencies and involves everyone in the drill. Bethany Brown, BSN Director of Nursing
Ease of use:

Great product, 16 Sep 2011
Reviewer: Ms. Deb Agee

This toolkit makes for a great tabletop exercise. An especially nice feature is the ability to customize it to your jurisdiction.The opportunity to involve your area partners and other agencies is also a plus. I highly recommend it! Deb Agee RN, BSN Emergency Response Coordinator
Ease of use:

Refreshing Change to Pandemic Planning, 14 Sep 2011
Reviewer: Mr. Todd M. Koch

The Pandemic Readiness and Response Toolkit is a simple but effective set of tools designed to bridge the day to day department activities with ongoing operations during a disaster. The toolkit uses triggers which characterize your agencies response during a pandemic while ensuring you’re implementing your department’s pre-planned activities. Not to be confused with a simple checklist, this tool-kit will help coordinate response actions between stakeholders, estimate the severity of the event across agencies—all while maximizing your department’s services and emergency response. The Pandemic Readiness and Response Toolkit is perfect for any agency looking to update or improve their agencies response plans for pandemic events. You won’t be disappointed!
Ease of use: