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Survivor Tales: In Deep Water, Aftershocks, Eye of Houston [ Podcast, PDF ]
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Product Description

This product includes three comic books with stories told by real-life disaster survivors. In Deep Water (flood), Aftershocks (earthquake), and Eye over Houston (hurricane) are all designed around the theme of personal preparedness and community resilience. These stories showcase how neighbors and communities can pull together and provide practical tips from actual survivors.


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Aftershocks English  [1.8 Mb .pdf]

Click Here to download the video.

Earthquake Comic
Eye Over Houston English  [2.0 Mb .pdf]

Click Here to download the video.

Hurricane Comic
In Deep Water English  [1.9 Mb .pdf]

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Flood Comic

Product details

Author: Seattle & King County Advanced Practice Center
Related Topics: Environmental Health Emergency Preparedness
Suggested Audiences: Business/Community/Civic leaders, Communication Specialists, Health officials, Students
Product PHEP Capabilities: Capability 1: Community Preparedness

Goals and Objectives:
• Engage adults and youth in emergency preparedness through a compelling visual style and narrative that highlight positive messages of resilience, community support, and the benefits of preparedness.
• Provide basic information about emergency preparedness and specific hazards in a pictorial format that is more accessible and appealing to lower literacy and immigrant populations.
• Illustrate real-life disasters to help readers anticipate how a disaster might play out and determine what they need to be ready.