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Orientation to Inclusive Just-in-Time Training (I-JITT): An online course [ Website, PDF, HostedVideo, Podcast ]
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Product Description

This online training module serves as a companion to our APC white paper on Inclusive Just-in-Time training as well as a primer for LHD leaders and administrators in understanding the model of I-JITT and how it can be adopted, adapted, and tailored in their organization. Learning Objectives By the end of this training,  the learner should be able to: Define Inclusive Just-In-Time Training (JITT) Describe how to apply Inclusive JITT in a public health response Explain the importance of incorporating Inclusive JITT into ongoing organizational training and preparedness efforts Describe how to adopt Inclusive JITT at the local level The online module  uses the example of Susan, a health administrator, and the type of training she received during a mass vaccination event.  Additionally, through the use of  video, the module reinforces the learnings and provides examples to illustrate visually, the concepts within. Contained within the course are knowledge checks and interactive activities intended to stimulate the learners in applying the content in the module.


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Orientation to Inclusive Just-in-Time Training (I-JITT) (Website) 

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Product details

Author: Multnomah County Advanced Practice Center
Related Topics: Workforce
Suggested Audiences: Administrators/managers, Health officials
Product PHEP Capabilities: Capability 14: Responder Safety and Health, Capability 15: Volunteer Management

Goals and Objectives: