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Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Vaccination Assessment Toolkit [ Website ]
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Product Description

The SPIVA Toolkit is for local health department staff and others involved in planning and implementing seasonal and pandemic influenza campaigns. The toolkit promotes community assessment as an emergency preparedness tool. Examples in the toolkit illustrate three data collection methods: key informant interviews, focus groups, and surveys. There are sections on identifying and engaging target populations and putting community assessment data to use. The toolkit includes a 7-step method to plan, implement, and manage surveys and discussion on using online tools. By using this product, staff members will be trained in practical survey and assessment techniques applicable to various public health functions. Expected outcomes are: to improve mass vaccination planning and coordination with private providers, community-based organizations, and other key public health partners; and increase staff awareness of local health conditions and potential gaps in public health preparedness to inform future preparedness planning. Onsite evaluation of this product by LHDs is pending.

Product details

Author: San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center
Related Topics: Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
Suggested Audiences: Administrative/clerical staff, Business/Community/Civic leaders, Communication Specialists, Health officials, Nurses (general), Physicians/Clinicians, Planners
Product PHEP Capabilities: Capability 1: Community Preparedness, Capability 2: Community Recovery, Capability 3: Emergency Operations Coordination, Capability 4: Emergency Public Information and Warning, Capability 6: Information Sharing, Capability 8: Medical Countermeasure Dispensing, Capability 15: Volunteer Management

Goals and Objectives: