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Signs for Mass Decontamination [ CD, Podcast ]
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Product Description

The Signs for Mass Decontamination provide essential instructions in a simple and easy to understand format to help victims safely navigate through the decontamination process. The use of pictograms and simple descriptions address communication barriers caused by languages differences, physical impairments or environmental factors such as noise or responder PPE. The CD contains 8 design files of pictograms with 13 translations and a User Guide.


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Signs for Mass Decontamination  [9.3 Mb .zip]

Click Here to download the video.

Signs for Mass Decontamination

Product details

Author: Cambridge Advanced Practice Center
Related Topics: Mass Medical Countermeasures
Suggested Audiences: Administrators/managers, Communication Specialists, Environmental health professionals, Health officials, Nurses (general), Sanitarians
Product PHEP Capabilities: Capability 11: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

Goals and Objectives: