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Public Health 101: An Introduction for Stakeholders [ CD, PowerPoint, PDF ]
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Product Description

Introduction to Public Health for Local Partners and Stakeholders is a CD training tool that introduces police and fire/EMS cadets to the principles of public health, with particular emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of public health during an emergency. This course reinforces the collaborative nature of emergency preparedness and the critical need to work together to ensure a coordinated, efficient community response. It contains both a didactic piece and Train-the-Trainer notes on public health, preparedness, Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), epidemiology, and isolation and quarantine. In addition to the didactic piece, there are two scenarios -- avian influenza and white powder incident -- to help demonstrate how and where public health and law enforcement interface.    This tool was pilot tested among Tarrant County police and fire/EMS, and the material for this tool is used on a regular basis at police academies to teach cadets. At each session pre- and post-tests were conducted to determine if cadets truly gained some knowledge from these sessions; all sessions demonstrated improvement from pre- to post-test. All classroom sessions provide course evaluation feedback forms, as well, that are used for course improvements and adjustments.


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Forms for Preparedness and Excercise  [161.3 Kb .pdf]

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Handouts  [34.3 Kb .pdf]

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View and Print Handouts
Public Health 101 Presentation  [10.4 Mb .pps]

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Public Health 101: An Introduction for Stakeholders - A Trainer's Guide
Survey and Tests  [37.5 Kb .pdf]

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Course Survey and Pre/ Post Test

Product details

Author: Tarrant County Advanced Practice Center
Related Topics: Workforce
Suggested Audiences: Business/Community/Civic leaders, Planners, Students
Product PHEP Capabilities: Capability 1: Community Preparedness, Capability 14: Responder Safety and Health

Goals and Objectives: