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August 1, 2012 "Building Community Buy-in for Preparedness: Tools and Lessons Learned to Support Vulnerable Populations Planning"
Join Carina Elsenboss, Brian Johnson, and Selene Jaramillo from Seattle-King APC site and learn about evidenced-based tools and resources to support you in building community buy-in and developing partnerships to support preparedness.
June 12, 2012 Seattle-King County APC Webinar "Enhancing Local Health Department Resiliency Through Continuity of Operations Planning"
Join Carina Elsenboss from Seattle-King APC site as they present strategies to minimize the impact of an emergency or disaster on vital business operations.
March 21, 2012 Montgomery County APC Webinar "Tools for Community Preparedness"
Join Betsy Rebert and Lynn Cook from the Montgomery County APC site as they review APC products that support PHEP Capability #1: Community Preparedness
January 18, 2012 Multnomah County APC Webinar "Pictograms"
Join Aron Stephens and Matt Hoffman from the Multnomah County APC site as they present on accessing and using Pictograms in public health.
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October 2012 "Environmental Health Emergency Response Guide"
Listen to Greg Rajnowski from the Mesa County APC discuss how his LHD developed the "Environmental Health Emergency Response Guide" toolkit.

September 2012 "Risk Communications in Rural Settings"
Greg Moore from Toledo Lucas County discusses how his LHD developed the "Risk Communications in Rural Settings" toolkit.

August 2012 "Signs for Mass Decontamination"
Ann Sports from the South Carolina Region 7 Advanced Practice Center discusses how her LHD developed the "Signs for Mass Decontamination" toolkit.

July 2012 "BT Tabletop Exercise"
Hollie Lawyer from the San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center discusses how her LHD developed the "BT Tabletop" toolkit.

Listen to Greg Moore from Toledo-Lucas County and their implementation and revision of the Twin Cities product "Emergency Preparedness and Response Fundamentals" toolkit
Listen to Carina Elsenboss from the Seattle-King County Advanced Practice Center discuss how her LHD developed the "Survivor Tales" toolkit.

April 2012 "Master the Disaster Live!"
Listen to Bill Stephens from Tarrant County Advanced Practice Center discuss the development of "Master the Disaster!"

March 2012 "Staff Allocation Decision Guide"
Listen to Aron Stephens from Multnomah County Advanced Practice Center discuss the development of the "Staff Allocation Decision Guide."

March 2012 "Hospital Surge Capacity"
Hear Ann Sports, from South Carolina Advanced Practice Center. Join her as she discusses how her LHD collaborated on the "Hospital Surge Capacity" toolkit.

Hear Bill Stephens, from the Tarrant County Health Department in Texas. Join him as he discusses how his LHD developed the "Pre-School and School Health Surveillance: A Guidance Kit" toolkit.
APC’s first podcast for 2012 features Lisa Rosenfeld, from the Palm Beach County Health Department. Join her as she discusses how her LHD implemented the "A Prescription for Preparedness" toolkit.

Pictogram- Based Site Signage for POD

Orientation to Inclusive Just-in-Time Training

Inclusive Just-in-Time Training for Public Health Investigations

Inclusive Just-in-Time Training for Mass Prophylaxis/Point of Dispensing (POD)